REGEL JAVINES is the writer behind this blog, Philippine Review. He has been contributing articles for Yahoo! Voices since 2011 and for AllVoices.com in 2012. He was also a freelance manuscript evaluator, copy editor/proofreader, corporate-profile writer, and a freelance “ghost” writer.

He always find writing manageable and indulging even when he was in grade school and in high school. However, writing to him had never become his “cup of tea” until college.


REGEL JAVINES is presently studying Master in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Marketing Management at the PUP Graduate School, Manila, Philippines. He finished his both elementary and high school  education valedictorian. Three years after he graduated high school, he took and passed the PUP College Entrance Test. Despite working as part-time at night and having another extra-income jobs on weekend, he finished his bachelor’s degree on time.

As Campus Journalist

In his freshman year at a state university, PUP-Taguig Campus, he tried out and passed the qualifying examinations of the official student publication, The Chronicler — the progressive student publication of the Campus. His stints as campus journalist opened up doors to various learning opportunities and acquainted him with multifarious struggles of students inside and outside of the four corners of the university.

Moreover, his experiences (as campus journalist throughout his student life in the state university) have broadened his understanding in socio-politico-economic and cultural perspectives that he, himself, considered these as the most significant learning in his whole life.

Eventually, he became the editor-in-chief of the official student publication, where he had learned and endured the comfort of pressure, had confronted and remained steadfast against the pain of students’ rights repression, campus press suppression while remained to be independent and open-minded in the midst of various, pressing struggles as campus mouthpiece.

As Young Professional

After he graduated from college, he worked in one or two Business Process Outsourcing (BPO), Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO), and Transcription companies, in a contractor for telecommunication services, in business corporate, and in publishing industry.

While working in a local publishing company in 2009, he took and successfully passed the government Career Service Examination-Professional Level.




Launched on August 17, 2011 under its maiden title Inquisitor: No discombobulation; bold and daring, Philippine Review  talks about news, politics, and social issues circumventing the Philippine politics, government, and the world.

Philippine Review also dabbles in news and issues on history, human interest stories, literature, technology, science and medicine, business, and current developments.

Its blogging code of conduct

Philippine Review lives by the principles on freedom of the press and expression;

Philippine Review upholds unrestrained flow and exchange of ideas and condemns any means of interventions or press harassment;

Wherefore, Philippine Review takes pride to live up its blogging standard at par with the standards of the universal Journalism Code of Conduct.   Inasmuch as this blog’s dedication to its standards, third parties, individuals, or organizations shall exercise, likewise, respect  and prudence especially on the matter governing the contents of this blog. Similarly, this blog, Philippine Review and its audience shall consider mutual respect under the pain of Disclaimer this blog lives by.


While this blog observes proper attribution, it is also encouraged that original owner of photos, graphics, and other pieces of information published without attribution herein should inform or call the attention of the executive editor of the Philippine Review for immediate rectification. Concerns may be e-mailed to:


or posted directly as comment.

For other concerns, send an SMS or call at: (+63) 9054418132.

Views expressed and presented on this blog were solely from the writer’s opinion, unless otherwise expressed therein.

COMMENTS are moderated. This blog reserves its full discretion and responsibility to drop comments irresponsible and inimical to the general moral and intellectual health to both the readers and the blog itself.

Reproduction, re-blog, or re-post of contents from this blog, in part or in whole is allowed, PROVIDED, proper attribution shall be observed.

4 Responses

  1. Very good commentary on Scarborough Shoal. Keep up the good work young man.

  2. though you never on the no. 1 spot but for me in terms of quality your site deserves more to be in the no. 1 spot, your brilliant writings speak for it, keep up the good work!

  3. Hey Regel Q. Javines thanks for following HRonlinePH.com and the links. Hope you’ll visit HRonlinePH.com often. We are Human Rights Online Philippines and we feature articles, blogs, news information and photos on human rights. This site also offers current
    urgent action and list of links to other human rights online resources.

    You can contribute human rights articles and photos to Human Rights Online Philippines @ hronlineph@gmail.com.

    You’ve got nice blog here. If you’re interested to join our fellow’s list pls let us know.


    • Dear Colleague,

      Thank you very much for following my blog!

      It is our unwavering commitment to reach out people, present, and inform them of various developments and information that affect their everyday lives.

      In our objective to educate people of their basic rights and the issues involve, my blog is expressing its ardent desire to become part of the HRonLine’s commitment. Hence, let me express my interest to join your fellow’s list.

      Thank you very much and have the most productive blogging ahead!�


      Philippine Review

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