Dear Filipino lawmakers: Passing RH Bill is derogatory

(Nota Bene: This is a brief “open letter” that contains personal opinion of the author of the blog about the heated debate on RH Bill.)

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Dear Filipino lawmakers,

Too much discussion of the issue may spoil it to an aggrandizing polemical nonsense that in the process has set aside more and more significant issues — more important than hyperventilating reasons and criticisms against RH Bill.

Filipinos may hardly knew about the United Nations plan on how to combat the long time problems that have long been castigating Third World countries and suffered them from fast depletion of economic resources resulting to extreme poverty. But, Filipinos certainly knew about POVERTY — in economics, it is a result from the scarcity of economic resources that haven’t been replenished. For us common Filipinos, it is a “wealth” from a FAILED government!

Let’s not talk about highfalutin research and statistics that both merit and demerit the RH Bill, because we both knew the word BIAS. So and so, let’s not talk about other relevant problems to solve should the RH Bill become a law, because we also both knew relevant problems to swell, either. Rather, let’s forget momentarily  the United Nations development goals, various research and statistics, and most of all the sympathy of President Aquino to RH Bill — which categorically may add pressure to all of you to act on the bill responsibly and mature.

The center of pressure or the center of significance in passing the RH Bill, let’s be honest, is to lessen or slow down the Filipino population growth.  Another is, let us be honest, that health concerns are only accessories of the process and can’t be proven yet — then, this is a huge, risky experiment to all human beings in the country!

The Philippines might be poor because of corruption — a moral decay. However, it is too absurd to believe that Filipinos were poor because of the population increase. Isn’t it odd that population increase is directly proportional to mortality rate, and thus the balance of nature perfectly work it out? Isn’t it odd that by allocating more appropriations from the government funds would give birth to another possible source of corruption? Isn’t it odd why the RH Bill draws vehement moral criticisms? It is odd, because the bill itself is simply, derogatory. How much more in passing it? Simply, passing it is a cataclysmic to Filipino moral fiber!

RH Bill isn’t an urgent solution to the problems of the Filipinos, nor is it pro-life. It is totally pro-health and pro-self-determination or expression, neither.  So, please, REFUSE RH BILL from passing it into a law!

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